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Florida Art Schools – 12 Best Art Colleges in Florida (Ranked for 2024)

As with any journey, starting on the right path is essential, especially in the world of art. Florida’s premier art colleges understand this, offering a vast array of disciplines to delve into.

The timeless beauty of fine art disciplines such as painting, drawing, and sculpture finds its place alongside the revolutionary realms of digital artistry.

For those with a penchant for the modern, courses in digital illustration, 3D animation, graphic design, and even virtual reality provide a bridge to the future of artistic expression.

Join us as we traverse through the 12 best art schools in Florida, highlighting not just the institutions themselves but also the vibrant cities that house them. Whether your heart beats for classical brush strokes or digital pixels, Florida’s art schools are ready to shape, challenge, and elevate your craft.

What Is The Best Art School In Florida?

1. Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota

  • Degrees Offered: BFA in various disciplines including Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation, and more.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 1,600 students.
  • Community: Central to Sarasota’s artistic community, students often collaborate on local art events and festivals.

2. Full Sail University

Best Online Art School

Located in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail University has earned a reputation for its innovative approach to education in the realms of entertainment, media, arts, and technology. Rooted in real-world industry experience, Full Sail’s programs emphasize hands-on training, leveraging the latest technology to prepare students for the dynamic fields they’re passionate about.

Though many programs are online, Full Sail’s physical campus is a hub for tech and art events. Online students can engage through virtual exhibitions and collaborations.

Student Enrollment : 15,000

Degrees Offered: BS, MS in Graphic Design, Digital Arts, Film, Music Production, and Game Design.

Location: Winter Park, FL

Full Sail University

Areas of StudyFilm & Television: This includes programs like Film Production, Digital Cinematography, and Show Production.
Games: Covering Game Art, Game Design, and Game Development.
Music & Recording: Courses such as Music Production, Music Business, and Recording Arts fall under this category.
Art & Design: This includes Graphic Design, Digital Arts & Design, and Media Design.
Technology: Degrees in areas like Information Technology, Web Development, and Simulation & Visualization.
Business: Offering degrees in fields like Entertainment Business, Music Business, and Sports Marketing & Media.
Media & Communications: Covering Media Communications, Creative Writing, and New Media Journalism.

Location: Winter Park, FL

3. Florida State University, Tallahassee

  • Degrees Offered: BA, BFA, MFA in Studio Art, Art History, and more.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 40,000 (all departments).
  • Community: FSU is a key contributor to Tallahassee’s cultural events, with student exhibitions often showcased.

4. University of Florida, Gainesville

  • Degrees Offered: BFA, MFA in Painting, Sculpture, Digital Arts, etc.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 50,000 (all departments).
  • Community: UF’s art programs significantly influence Gainesville’s vibrant art scene, hosting numerous events.

5. Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton

  • Degrees Offered: BA, BFA, MFA in Visual Arts & Art History, Graphic Design, Multimedia Studies, and more.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 30,000 (all departments).
  • Community: Located in the culturally rich Boca Raton, FAU’s art students have access to the vibrant local art scene. The university collaborates with local galleries and hosts the annual “Festival of the Arts”, drawing artists from across the region. FAU’s presence significantly impacts the cultural pulse of the community, offering a platform for emerging artists and bringing art enthusiasts and professionals to engage in dialogue and appreciation.

6. Miami International University of Art & Design, Miami

  • Degrees Offered: BA, BFA in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Film, and more.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 3,000 students.
  • Community: Positioned in the heart of Miami, students are at the center of a bustling art scene with Miami Art Week and numerous galleries.

7. University of South Florida, Tampa

  • Degrees Offered: BA, BFA, MFA in Studio Art, Digital Media, and Art Education.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 37,000 (all departments).
  • Community: USF students often collaborate with Tampa’s museums and galleries, enriching the city’s cultural offerings.

8. University of Central Florida, Orlando

  • Degrees Offered: BA, BFA in Drawing, Digital Media, Film, and Art History.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 68,000 (all departments).
  • Community: UCF’s location offers students opportunities with the city’s creative agencies and theme park design teams.

9. Florida International University, Miami

  • Degrees Offered: BA, BFA in Digital Arts, Ceramics, Photography, and Sculpture.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 58,000 (all departments).
  • Community: FIU’s artists and designers are integral to Miami’s art festivals, exhibitions, and digital innovations.

10. New World School of the Arts, Miami

  • Degrees Offered: BFA in Visual Arts, Dance, Theater, and Music.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 800 students.
  • Community: Being in Miami’s core, the school is a nexus for cultural events and performances, hosting numerous showcases annually.

11. Florida Southern College, Lakeland

  • Degrees Offered: BA in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Art History.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 3,500 students.
  • Community: FSC artists regularly exhibit in Lakeland’s galleries and the college hosts art events for the community.

12. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division

  • Degrees Offered: BA, BFA in Graphic Design, Digital Filmmaking, Photography, and Game Art.
  • Enrollment: Approx. 8,000 online students.
  • Community: Despite being an online division, the institute organizes occasional physical meet-ups for students, along with webinars, virtual exhibitions, and online critiques.


Drenched in sun and bathed in cultural richness, Florida has become a beacon for artists seeking both inspiration and rigorous education.

From the bustling, dynamic streets of Miami to the historic elegance of St. Augustine, and from the creativity-infused corners of Tampa to the coastal allure of Fort Lauderdale, the Sunshine State beckons with a variety of art schools that are as diverse as its landscapes.

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