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Massachusetts Art Schools – 12 Best Art Colleges in Massachusetts (Ranked for 2024)

When it comes to art education, Massachusetts stands as a giant, boasting a range of top-notch institutions that offer an array of opportunities for the aspiring artist.

The pulsating cultural hub of Boston offers ample art education institutions while the more serene yet equally vibrant surroundings of Amherst, Williamstown, Northampton, and Worcester, the state provides fertile ground for creative minds to thrive and flourish.

From canvas to computer screen, Massachusetts offers a full spectrum of artistic disciplines that meet the ever-evolving demands of the art world. The following list aims to guide you through the top 12 art schools in Massachusetts, highlighting what makes each institution unique in terms of degrees offered, enrollment, and their roles in enriching the broader community’s artistic life.

Read on to discover which Massachusetts art school aligns with your artistic aspirations and career goals.

What Is The Best Art School In Massachusetts?

1. Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston

  • Degrees Offered: BFA, MFA in multiple art disciplines including Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Design
  • Enrollment: Approx. 2,000 students
  • Community: MassArt significantly influences Boston’s art scene with its on-campus galleries and active participation in local art events.

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Areas of Study: Music & Recording, Technology, Games, Art & Design, Film & Television, Media & Communications, Business, Sports
Enrollment: 15,500
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2. School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Boston

  • Degrees Offered: BFA, MFA in Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts
  • Enrollment: Approx. 750 students
  • Community: SMFA students regularly showcase their work at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and participate in citywide art events.

3. Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence (near MA border)

  • Degrees Offered: BFA, MFA in various art disciplines including Industrial Design and Architecture
  • Enrollment: Approx. 2,500 students
  • Community: Though located in Rhode Island, RISD’s influence extends to the Massachusetts art community, particularly through alumni activities.

4. Harvard University, Cambridge

  • Degrees Offered: BA, MA in Art, Film, and Visual Studies
  • Enrollment: Approx. 21,000 students (all departments)
  • Community: Harvard contributes to the intellectual and cultural fabric of Cambridge and the Greater Boston area through its art museums and galleries.

5. Boston University, Boston

  • Degrees Offered: BFA, MFA in Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design
  • Enrollment: Approx. 34,000 students
  • Community: BU engages with Boston’s art community through its 808 Gallery and other local exhibitions.

6. Northeastern University, Boston

  • Degrees Offered: BFA in Game Art and Animation, Graphic Design
  • Enrollment: Approx. 22,000 students
  • Community: Northeastern is an active participant in Boston’s tech-driven art scene, particularly in the realms of game design and digital art.

7. Amherst College, Amherst

  • Degrees Offered: BA in Art History, Studio Art
  • Enrollment: Approx. 1,800 students
  • Community: Amherst College influences the local arts culture, particularly through the Mead Art Museum and various community outreach programs.

8. Williams College, Williamstown

  • Degrees Offered: BA in Art, Art History
  • Enrollment: Approx. 2,100 students
  • Community: Williams College contributes to Williamstown’s rich artistic environment through its renowned museum and arts programs.

9. Smith College, Northampton

  • Degrees Offered: BA in Studio Art, Art History
  • Enrollment: Approx. 2,500 students
  • Community: Smith is part of Northampton’s vibrant arts community, with numerous student exhibitions and collaborations with local artists.

10. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester

  • Degrees Offered: BA in Interactive Media and Game Development
  • Enrollment: Approx. 6,600 students
  • Community: WPI is actively engaged in Worcester’s growing tech-art scene, bridging the gap between technology and traditional art.

11. Berklee College of Music, Boston

  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s and Master’s in Music, Film Scoring, and related art disciplines
  • Enrollment: Approx. 6,400 students
  • Community: Though focused on music, Berklee’s impact extends to the broader Boston art community through performances and collaborations.

12. Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley

  • Degrees Offered: BA in Studio Art, Art History
  • Enrollment: Approx. 2,300 students
  • Community: Mount Holyoke students actively participate in South Hadley’s artistic community through exhibitions and partnerships with local galleries.


While Massachusetts offers traditional Fine Arts programs steeped in disciplines like painting, sculpture, and art history, the state’s art schools also embrace the future with cutting-edge courses in digital art forms. Whether it’s game art and animation at Northeastern University or interactive media at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts schools are at the vanguard of digital artistic innovation.

In the realm of fine arts, the state doesn’t disappoint either. With internationally renowned faculties and state-of-the-art studio spaces, schools like MassArt and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts offer comprehensive programs in everything from oil painting to contemporary sculpture.

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