Film Careers

Careers in film include more areas than just acting and directing, as a glance at the credits for any film can testify. The following are career paths in motion picture pre-production, production, or post-production.

  • Actor
    Actors are the performers in television, video, and motion pictures. A performance may include stunt work, narration/voiceovers, or a cameo appearance.
  • Animator
    Animators, or multi-media artists, primarily use computers and illustrations to create animated television shows, movies, and commercials. Animators are increasingly employed in game design and other visual effects.
  • Art Director
    Art directors design a set to reflect mood and circumstance as dictated by a script. An art director is also responsible for working with costume designers, make-up artists, and hair stylists, as well as carpenters, electricians, and interior designers.
  • Camera Operator
    Camera operators are responsible for capturing images on film or video. In a movie, the camera operator works with the director and cinematographer to capture the shots that will tell the story. They must be able to operate the camera quickly and smoothly, while also keeping in mind framing, composition, and other visual elements. Camera operators will also be responsible for setting up and operating other camera equipment, such as cranes or steadicams.
  • Cinematographer
    The cinematographer is responsible for composing a shot to be sure the camera accurately captures what is being delivered in a scene.
  • Costume Designer
    Costume designers create clothing that will complement the characters and the film’s period and mood.
  • Director
    The director is responsible for every aspect of a production, from auditions to music to accommodations, and leads the cast and crew during filming to achieve a successful final production.
  • Film and Video Editor
    Editors compose the final production by selecting the best shots and splicing them to most effectively capture the mood, pace, and drama of a particular production.
  • Make-Up Artist / Hair Stylist
    Make-up artists and hair stylists work with the Art Director and Costume Designer to help actors look their part.
  • Producer
    Producers are charged with managing business and financial aspects of a production. Everything from script selection, budget development, and hiring falls under the discretion of a producer.
  • Screenwriter
    A screenwriter either develops a script from an original idea or adapts an existing body of work.
  • Set Designer
    Set designers recreate the time period and location established in a script by designing, and possibly constructing, a set that projects the time and place through architectural and other visual details.
  • Sound Engineers
    Sound engineering technicians are responsible for all the recording of sound during filming.
  • Special Effects Director
    The special effect director uses computers to creatively alter filmed images to generate interesting effects.

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